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Laundry Management

Revolutionize Your Linen Management: Smart, Swift, and Accurate with Tagway Linen Count

Tackle the hotel industry's billion-dollar linen dilemma with Tagway Linen Count, an advanced RFID solution designed to streamline linen and laundry management. This innovative system tags linens for easy RFID scanning, allowing for quick counting and sorting through a user-friendly Android app. Not only does it efficiently track linen movements between the hotel and laundry, but it also monitors wash cycle consumption, ensuring optimal inventory levels and prolonging linen life. With accessible reports for housekeeping, finance, and purchasing departments, Tagway Linen Count offers a comprehensive view of linen management, from inventory and wash cycles to billing and procurement, making it an indispensable tool for smart, fast, and accurate linen management

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Laundry Management
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Tagit Linen Count: Revolutionizing Laundry Management

Tagit Linen Count leverages cutting-edge RFID technology to bring unparalleled efficiency and accuracy to the management of hotel linens, turning the tedious task of laundry management into a streamlined, cost-effective operation.

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