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Footfall Counter

Transform Your Space with Intelligent Footfall Insights

Tagway Footfall Counter leverages RFID technology to offer a comprehensive solution for tracking footfall, employee attendance, and secure access, enhancing data analytics and visitor trend identification. Ideal for offices, construction sites, hospitals, hotels, and events, it distinguishes between employee and customer visits, accurately measures retail conversions, and ensures contactless secure entry. As an accredited Irisys Synergy Partner in the GCC and MENA regions, we guarantee competitive pricing and exceptional support, making our footfall counter an essential tool for gathering crucial retail analytics and improving operational strategies

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Footfall Counter
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Features of Tagit Occupancy Count

Tagit Occupancy Count offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing building occupancy, combining ease of use with sophisticated data analysis and customizable features to meet auditing, record-keeping, and compliance needs.

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