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Enhancing Inventory Visibility for Institutionalized Finance with RFID Technology

Updated: May 24

Problem: Jawhara, a leading retailer operating across the GCC and UK, faced a critical challenge in obtaining institutionalized finance due to the lack of visibility into its inventory levels. This posed a significant risk as transparent inventory data was crucial for mitigating financial risks and building trust with lenders.

Solution: To address this challenge, Jawhara deployed an RFID inventory solution provided by Tagway. The solution offered an intuitive Android interface for easy distribution across the organization and centralized aggregation of inventory data. Leveraging RFID technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and Google distribution channels, the solution provided multiple layers of automation to ensure accuracy in inventory tracking and management.

Outcome: The implementation of the RFID inventory solution yielded significant results for Jawhara:

• Complete transparency between lenders and the business, fostering trust and partnership.

• Introduction of a third-party service for inventory management, enhancing credibility.

• Lower interest rates obtained due to improved risk mitigation through transparent inventory data.

• Enhanced visibility of inventory levels for cluster managers, store managers, and regional stakeholders.

• Streamlined inventory allocation processes, leading to optimized inventory management and reduced operational costs.

Overall, the successful deployment of the RFID inventory solution by Tagway empowered Jawhara to overcome its inventory visibility challenges, strengthen its relationship with lenders, and drive operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to its continued success in the retail sector

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