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Al Romaizan Jewelry

Updated: May 24

Problem: Romaizan Jewelry faced significant challenges when transitioning from weight-based inventory management to a piece-wise system. With jewelry items comprising numerous pieces, miscounts and the arduous task of reconciling inventory were consuming excessive time and resources.

Solution: Implementing Tagway proved to be the game-changing solution Romaizan needed. Tagway's innovative system meticulously manages each individual piece within a set, eliminating the need for time-consuming reconciliations and reducing human effort.

Outcome: The results were transformative for Romaizan Jewelry. The quick adoption of Tagway across the retail chain significantly slashed stock take times by an impressive 80%. This newfound efficiency allowed employees more time to focus on sales rather than operational tasks. Moreover, the streamlined process left both staff and audit teams happier and more in control, as they were relieved of the constant burden of addressing

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